Supporting the Arts on First Night

First Night Chatham Committee Open Positions

The First Night Chatham Committee is the all-volunteer steering group that produces First Night Chatham each year. Anyone with an interest in helping to make First Night happen is always welcome at committee meetings, or can contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page. Read more about the committee on the First Night Chatham Committee page.

This page describes the open job positions in the committee.
Please contact the First Night Chairperson at for more information.

Midnight Countdown Coordinator    OPEN

The Midnight Countdown Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the midnight activities at Oyster Pond, excluding the actual fireworks, which are handled by a separate committee member.

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More Open Positions

Other open positions are described here in summary, pending further elaboration. All of these jobs are done by First Night Committee members, as they require an early committment to handling the job, even if, for some, the work involved occurs mostly or entirely on First Night. In several cases, one individual may handle several of the jobs described below.

  • Outdoor speakers:     OPEN Large speakers are placed outside near the entrances of several churches to carry the entertainment from inside to people waiting in line outside. The coordinator arranges for these speakers from the vendor and oversees their operation and security.
  • Outdoor lighting:     OPEN The Outdoor Lighting Coordinator arranges for several industrial trailer lighting units that are placed at several strategic locations around town - near Oyster Pond, at the Rotary, etc. Lighting units are borrowed from an industrial contractor, as well as from Chatham town departments. Most of the movement and placement and operation of these lights is not the responsibility of the coordinator, but the coordinator must be able to step in and move them around or turn them on/off when needed.