Supporting the Arts on First Night

First Night Chatham Headquarters

First Night Chatham Headquarters

First Night Headquarters
579 Main Street

Open only during
the 2nd half of December.
Phone:   (508) 945-1122

Headquarters is located at 579 Main St., in the Chatham Clothing Co. shop.

Opens Dec 14th; through Dec 31st
Monday – Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: 1 – 4 pm
Dec 25th: Closed
Dec 31st: 10am until late evening

Available at Headquarters:

  • First Night buttons
  • Will-Call buttons (see note below)
  • General Information
  • First Night programs
        The schedule is also avaialble to view, or print, here on this website.
  • First Night Merchandise
  • First Night prints (see the Prints page.)

Will-Call Buttons: When ordering buttons online, you may choose “Will-Call” as a delivery method. Will-Call buttons may be picked up at First Night Chatham Headquarters during business hours. Please allow 24 hours from time of ordering for buttons to be available at headquarters.

Open through Dec 31st
Dec 28th, 29th, 30th: 10am to 4pm
Dec 31st: 10am until late evening
  (Closed as of Jan 1st)

First Night Chatham Merchandise

For sale only at First Night Headquarters
(cash or check only)

First Night Chatham Hat
(red or black)   $10

First Night Chatham Scarf
(blue or grey)   $10

First Night Chatham Headband
(black)   $10

First Night Chatham Hat
(blue or white)   $10

First Night Chatham Cap     $10

Silent Button Auction

Rare First Night Buttons

You can be the proud owner of a rare button from the first First Night Chatham, 1991-1992. Both an adult and a child’s button will be auctioned.

The auction will end at 8:00 PM on New Year’s Eve. Place your bid any time in the book at First Night Headquarters, where the buttons are on display. Each bid must be at least $10 higher than the previous bid. No need to be present to win.