Supporting the Arts on First Night Chatham

Volunteers Thank You

Thanks to our Specialty Volunteer Teams:

Thanks to Last Year's Volunteers (Dec 31st, 2017).
This list will be updated at conclusion of this year's First Night Chatham.

These volunteers help the First Night Chatham Committee with our Special Events and behind the scenes support in so many ways. Many of our Special Events would not exist without the specialty volunteers who staff them - such as Face Painting, Childrens Art Studio, the Teen events, the Carnival Caper Costumed Road Race, and the Horse-drawn Wagon Rides.

Behind-the-scenes specialty volunteer crews also help the First Night Chatham Committee with setup of fencing, lighting, outdoor speakers, benches, and much more.

Thank you to all the Specialty Volunteers at the past year's event:

To learn more about volunteering at First Night Chatham in these specialty teams, please see the Be a Specialty Volunteer page.

Face Painters: Mia Caolo and her Girl Scouts (Brittney, Zoe, Amy, Dakota and Mikayla), Lindsey Millett, Kaitlyn Germann, Colleen Murphy, Jeanne Tassinari, Hope Stinton, Dianne Connelly, Paula St. Pierre, Jen Stello, Erika Kraft, Marilyn Sink, Carolyn Murphy, Amy Middleton, Gisella Alexander, and Jessica DuBois – who brightened the day of hundreds of kids (and a few adults) with painted faces.

Children's Art Studio: helpers with preparation and the event: Linda Taneja, Marti Christopher, Dinah Lane, Carolyn Murphy, Yvonne Simkins, Ann Durkin, Paula Lofgren, Sue Simpson, and Dorria Marsh.

Carnival Caper: Richard Costello and the Squire staff for sponsoring the fun run, plus a generous donation. Thanks to John Whelan and Bill Bystrom and the road race crew – Stephen Daniel, Janet Lewis, Tommy Doane, Kristen Doane, and Matthew Doane, and Harding Daniel.

Teen Events supervision: Jo-Ellen Erickson, and Richard & Jenny Tichnor

Family Fun Center Characters: Nicole Simpson, David Simpson, and Christie Simpson

Setup around town: Dave Christophe, Greg Howard, Ben Partlow, and David Simpson.

Volunteer Thank-you Party: Carole Salinas

Thanks to our Venue Volunteers

Thanks to Last Year's Volunteers (Dec 31st, 2017).
This list will be updated at conclusion of this year's First Night Chatham.

Thank You to the large numbers of volunteers on First Night Chatham to work at all the venues around town, checking buttons at the door, welcoming and directing patrons to where the seats are, or where the lines are, and generally being the ambassadors of good will on behalf of First Night Chatham.

To learn more about being a volunteer at First Night Chatham, please see the Be a Volunteer page.

Dona and Rich Alexander
Nancy and Dale Alger
Rebecca Arnold
Joan Aucoin
Cynthia and Andy Bayerl
Art and Linda Bodin
Dawn and Tony Boynton
Bonnie Bridges
Anne Briggs
Katie Buckley
Mickey Bullock
Kip and Carrie Bush
Jack Cannon
Laura Caskey
Victoria and Warren Chane
Mary Chesnut
Susan and Jon Chorey
Dave and Marti Christophe
Marlene and John Ciborowski
Lorraine and Peter Cocolis
Laurel Cordeiro
Barbara and John Cotnam
Edee Crowell
Bill and Bev Cullinane
Eve Dalmolen
Norm and Prudence Davies
Neal DeBonte
Anne DePatie
Anne Dickson
Joanne Donoghue
Laura Driscoll
Marta Dutkewych
Ruth Eisen
Nancy Erskine
Richard Fay
Bob and Sally Fishback
Gloria Freeman
Michael and Rosanne Geylin
Betsy Gill
Frank Gollop and Deirdre Flannery-Gollop
Jean and Paul Greenough
Stephanie Hamilton
Gaylene and Bob Heppe
Barbara Hogan
Barbara and John Hornberger
Ann Hosmer
Cynthia Hutchinson
Deb and Rollie Jenkins
Beth Joseph
Barbara Kalbach
Diane Karel and Sarge Slicer
Diane Kennedy
John Ketchum
Jane Kimball
Carol and Hal Knapp
Lynn and Tom Koch
Pat Kokoszka
Peter Kolb
Jean and Dave Kostelansky
Bob and Sue Kraus
Dinah Lane
Ann and Robert Leclair
Iris Leigh
Julis Lempner
Jane Lombardi
Maryellen and Bob Lorefice
Georgia Lupica
Nance Lyons
Celeste and Brian Mahoney
Catherine Mason
Regina and Gerry McDowell
Elizabeth McGrath
Mimi and Mark McManus
Lorie Messner
Martha and Ted Miller
Charlie Moeder
Bob Montbach
Barbara and Terry Newberry
Doug and Judy Nichols
Ron and Karen Nickerson
Joe and Sheila Nugent
Mary Parsons
Barbara Paul
Tom and Doris Philips
Noreen Powell
Judy Powell
Michele Preston
Alice and John Reed
Kathi Rogers
Dave and Mary Ann Ryer
Jack and Liz Scheld
Florence Seldin
Barbara and Paul Semple
Marilyn and Gene Sink
Betsey Stevens
Gil and Joan Stone
Wendy Storer
Paul Stuka
Seth and Beth Taylor
Bob and Phyllis Thomason
Peter and Cathy Van Strathum
Maureen Vokey
Ann Wade
Pat and Jim Waggett
Bob Weiser
Jan and Ted Whittaker
Marie Williams
Pam Williams
Toni Wordell