Peking and the Mystics was formed by alumni of Tufts University and its a cappella singing group, the Beelzebubs. Over the years, thet have has toured nationally and internationally, including trips to the Far East and South America; recorded four albums, with a fifth in session at present; appeared on television and radio programs; and has been featured in the print media. The group's eclectic repertoire, comprising original arrangements by Peking and the Mystics members themselves, features vintage vocals from such genres as swing, jazz, doo wop and pop music, representing every decade from the 1930s to the 2000s. Peking and the Mystics is Gene Blake, Methuen, Mass., on tenor 2; Andrew Cranin, Watertown, Mass., on baritone 1; Chris Parker, Ipswich, Mass., on bass; David Pratt, Wellesley, Mass., on tenor 1; and Tim Vaill, Andover, Mass., on baritone 2.