Supporting the Arts on First Night

Monomoy Regional Middle School

Address: 425 Crowell Rd

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Monomoy Middle School Auditorium
Monomoy Middle School Cafeteria
Monomoy Middle School Large Gym
Monomoy Middle School Small Gym

Food Information

CD Kitchen, in the Cafeteria
11:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Serving chicken fingers, tater tots, cheese nachos, Mac and cheese, beef and fish tacos, hot dogs, pizza, desserts, coffee, hot chocolate, and beverages.

Educators and Students Poppin' Around Town!
Noon - 8 PM, in the Main Lobby
Popcorn $2.

Refer to the Food Vendors page for a full list of food vendors and locations.


Getting To & From

The Monomoy Regional Middle School was formerly the Chatham High School and Middle School. It is located at 425 Crowell Road, a little more than a mile from the Chatham rotary. There is a large parking lot at the school, and it is the destination for one of the free shuttle bus routes that run from the Rockland Bank corner of the rotary. Refer to the Buses page for a full description of the bus routes.